Malka Lew


Malka Lew is a multi modality healer and an all round superstar.

Her humbleness, however, prevented her being able to communicate just how much she has to offer the world.

I helped Malka communicate her power through consultancy sessions and then translating her inspiring words into a beautiful website that represented her personality.


Responsive Website
Content Consultancy
Logo Design

"Working with Danny was a truly healing and transformational experience for me.

He really puts his heart into his work and cares about empowering people to make an impact on this planet through his gifts of website design and marketing.

He brings his gifts of marketing skills and combines them with presence.

Honestly it was tremendously healing to have my story listened to and to feel the support of someone who is excited to see me blossom and shine.

I highly recommend Danny"

- Malka


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