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Stunning Websites

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  • The Wow Factor

    Get a website that WOWs your clients and friends. I work hard, paying attention to every detail, to make your website stunning!

  • Gain Trust and build Legitimacy

    A beautifully designed and well functioning website builds trust with potential clients, and establishes you and your business as credible and legitimate, meaning customers are more likely to part with their hard earned cash!



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  • A Website with a Difference

    I take the time to connect to your offering, and translate the love behind it into a website that your audience can feel.

  • Passion

    I am passionate about the work I do and also the work my clients (you) do! 

    This passion bleeds into all areas of my work and communication. I enjoy helping my clients solve problems and take advantage of new and unseen opportunities.

  • Presence

    My Yogic practice and way of life helps me to really be present for you when we communicate. 


Marketing Strategy

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  • Get More Customers

    As a former city professional from London with 10 Years of Sales & Marketing Experience, and a Digital Marketing Consultant; I create designs that are built to convert visitors into customers.

  • Refine & Strengthen Your Offering

    Many of my clients have come away from our time together with a greater clarity about their strengths and how they can help their clients. Helping to shape all areas of their work.




Cristina Marie Laveretta

Yoga Teacher, Former JP Morgan Executive

I hired Danny to create my first website and I am so grateful to him!! Not only did he create a website that is aesthetically amazing, but he really helped me through it with patience and expertise!

He takes time to really get to know your project, understand who you are and what gifts you want to bring to the world.

Going through the process with him was such a beautiful collaboration – I learned SO MUCH!! Especially since I was in the beginning stages of creating my offerings into coherent, packaged products! He was patient with me and guided me through each and every step.

He paid attention to the smallest details (including getting the perfect font, colour schemes, photo placement etc) and it’s these details that REALLY made a huge difference in the final result.

Basically Danny is amazing not only because he is technically efficient and a great designer, but he actually CARED about me and my business!

In fact, he was so fabulous I hired him to build another website for a different project as well!

I trust him and have such respect for the creative passion he puts into his work.

Thank you Danny!


Chris Newton

Founder, Yoga Yacht Dubai & Emirates Airline Pilot

I was fortunate enough to meet Danny through a reference from a friend.

I searched around and compared others but I couldn't find any other designers personal touch that Danny had - and this was something I knew I wanted.

Overall it was a pleasure working with Danny.

He was patient to develop my vision in an organic way, asking the right questions and inspiring me along the way. All the while staying true to the original goal.

Danny listened openly and was able to help me find clarity in my vision. I knew what I wanted but didn't have the marketing experience to make it target a specific group. His consultancy services were invaluable to the final result.

I am very happy with the final design!

It is fresh and simple, and my clients love it! It's also intuitive and user friendly.

And we managed to complete the whole project on opposite sides of the world to each other! 

I would not hesitate to recommend Danny to a friend!


Orly Panassa

Founder, Primitive Clothing

I am so happy I found Danny!

I had been dreaming so long about a beautiful website that truly represented my brand.

 Danny made all my visions and ideas come into reality.

Even more beautifully than i imagined !

Amazing amazing amazing.

I am so happy!!


Ajay Makhija

Owner, Gaia Yogashala, Koh Phangan

Danny worked on the digital marketing plan, both strategy and execution
for Gaia Yogashala TTCs. 

Right from the get-go, he was so on it and proactive, and that is what initially impressed me about him. We had a conversation about a plan that I had and he went away and came back with a great new angle and an excitement to get on it. His plan and outline was creative and comprehensive. 

We then started the execution and I found him to be a great self-starter, very organized, superb with deadlines and something what I loved was that he took a personal responsibility for the project, even though all communication was online as I was travelling at the time. I has let him know that I myself would be busy and working on a new project, and needed him to run the show, schedule meetings with Me, get information from me - not me chasing him up - and he did not dissapoint.

Working with him was flexible, it was very easy, he sent us great notes and updates - very comprehensive and detailed in nature, was always looking for how to improve the campaign, coming up with new ideas and enhancements to old ones as we went along.

I can whole heart-heartedly recommend him as a good guy to work with, and I would assume this to be the case even outside digital marketing, where his drive and acumen would make up for any lack of skills or experience. Thanks Danny 🙂


Malka Lew

Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Healer

Working with Danny was a truly healing and transformational experience for me. He really puts his heart into his work and cares about empowering people to make an impact on this planet through his gifts of website design and marketing. He brings his gifts of marketing skills and combines them with presence. Honestly it was tremendously healing to have my story listened to and to feel the support of someone who is excited to see me blossom and shine. I highly recommend Danny Winn.


Advah Ben Shachar


We worked with Danny to redesign our landing page and were very pleased with the results! He managed to give the feeling that we wanted to our page, without even us having to explain more than in 2 words what we wanted. His work was clean and quick, he answered any question we had quickly and with patience.



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